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Let TCS troubleshoot your PC problems
If the problem can’t be fixed promptly on site, TCS will take your PC back to their workshop.  Re-installation back in your home or office is all part of the service!

Grab your laptop, another academic year begins

Laptops are ideal for use on school buses, trains, lecture halls, school libraries, and in the home.  They also now rival desktops in performance due to recent advancements in processing technology, offering a lightweight and portable alternative.  However, before deciding which one is right for you, Tabley Computer Services (TCS) offers the following advice:

  • You will have to make a decision on screen size but beware, the bigger the screen, the bigger the laptop, and the heavier it will be to carry! General sizes will be 7”- 13” (small for portability), 15.4” (standard size), or the latest 17” widescreen (a desktop replacement).
  • Look for Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion processors with 2 gigabytes of RAM, especially if Windows Vista is your preferred operating system.
    Windows XP is still available if you wish to stay with what you know whilst Apple Mac’s can be useful for some people to consider.

  • All accessories are integrated into the laptop (i.e. mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc) but external ones may be attached as well.  Remember you may have to pay more for extra software, and Office Suites and internet security are sometimes supplied as trial versions only.

  • Most laptops come equipped with wireless networking as standard; however, make sure you check this if it is specifically needed. This will enable you to hook-up to a high-speed internet connection, provided you are in range of a compatible wireless network.

  • Remember that upgrading laptops is not as easy as a desktop PC.  You may be able to add more memory or a bigger hard drive, and this is best done by a specialist such as TCS.

  • When it comes to repairs, bear in mind that it normally costs more to fix a laptop than a desktop because components are smaller and therefore are often more expensive.
Pros                                   Cons

Easily portable                     An easy target for thieves          
Small                                  More expensive
Quiet                                   Not ergonomic for extensive typing                                 
Compact                             Slower processors
Ideal for study use               Short battery life            


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