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Let TCS troubleshoot your PC problems
If the problem can’t be fixed promptly on site, TCS will take your PC back to their workshop.  Re-installation back in your home or office is all part of the service!



Grab your laptop, another academic year begins
Laptops are ideal for use on school buses, trains, lecture halls, school libraries, and in the home.  They also now rival desktops in performance due to recent advancements in processing technology, offering a lightweight and portable alternative.  However, before deciding which one is right for you ..... read more

Safeguard your PC and data
Most of us safeguard our PCs by installing anti-virus software, but for many people this is where it stops.  Much more should be done to stay one step ahead of the game.  The following guidelines are offered .....read more

My computer won't start
……. or maybe it starts, and then stops, or makes strange noises, or runs very slowly and takes an age to do anything.   Sound familiar?  To help you understand why some of these things happen, and also what to do about it .....read more



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