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Let TCS troubleshoot your PC problems
If the problem can’t be fixed promptly on site, TCS will take your PC back to their workshop.  Re-installation back in your home or office is all part of the service!


Safeguard your PC and data

Most of us safeguard our PCs by installing anti-virus software, but for many people this is where it stops.  Much more should be done to stay one step ahead of the game- the the following guidelines:

  • Make sure you regularly download the latest Windows updates.
  • Install anti-virus or Internet security software to prevent virus infections. 
  • Stop spyware – install Windows Defender.  Don’t be a target for online fraudsters.
  • Make regular backups and store away from your computer.  If data loss would be catastrophic, store offsite.
  • Malware threats (software that advises you have 101 problems with your computer and offers to fix them).   Typical malware can start as adware advising, for instance, that you need a good antivirus program, then displays fake virus infections and asks for money which once paid removes the fake virus’s  that were not there in the first place!
  • Self installing programs on infected USB pen drives is a growing threat. 
  • Browse the internet safely and avoid dodgy websites.  Online gamers beware new threats are being developed. 
  • Sharing music or videos online?   Both are a known route for virus infections.
  • Trojans (a program that appears as something you may think is safe, but hidden inside is usually something harmful).
  • Phishing (a cloned website) to obtain bank details, pin number, and passwords are increasingly being used by crooks.
  • If you use Broadband ensure you connect through a router which provides an electronic firewall as a barrier to hackers.  If not, use a comprehensive internet security package, e.g. Kaspersky or Norton.
  • Unsecured wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are vulnerable.  Use WPA security setting.
  • Use a strong password, ideally a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Stop unwanted email.  Spam email is a security threat and a nuisance.
  • Keep laptops, memory sticks and other portable devices close to hand.  They are very easily left behind on a train, in the library, or stolen from the back seat of your car.


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