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FAQs answered

Windows Vista - what are the benefits?

Windows Vista is an operating system for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops and laptops.

Among the key features of Vista as it currently stands are:- security enhancements, a new searching mechanism, lots of new laptop features, parental controls and better home networking. There are also visual changes, ranging from shiny translucent windows to icons that are small representations of a document itself.

Will my PC run Vista?
That depends on how recently you bought it and just how much Vista you want.

In practice, we have found that systems will run best with the following specification:
2 GB of memory
Dual core processor (Intel or AMD)
160 GB hard drive
256 MB of graphics memory
DVD ROM drive

There are a number of versions of Vista:
For home consumers, there is Vista Home Basic, which will lack Vista's advanced graphics or media features, and Vista Home Premium, which will include such features.

For businesses, there is Vista Business as well as Vista Enterprise, the latter is available only to volume-licensing customers, and includes extras like full-volume encryption and built-in Virtual PC software to run a second operating system as a virtual machine.

Finally, Vista Ultimate is the top of the range and suitable for both home and business users.  This version of Vista offers all the features found in Vista Home Premium and Vista Business, and in addition gives extras such as new security and data protection features, language packs, advance mobility features, secure on-line key back-up etc.

What will it cost?
TCS is happy to provide you with a quote, which will include the cost of the software and any installation and set up of any necessary hardware upgrades, application modifications (or moving to new applications or new versions of the old ones), changes to the network infrastructure (if applicable), and user training.

Once you have a realistic cost estimate, you can decide whether the benefits of upgrading are worth it or whether you are better off continuing to use your existing operating system for a while longer.    

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