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Let TCS troubleshoot your PC problems
If the problem can’t be fixed promptly on site, TCS will take your PC back to their workshop.  Re-installation back in your home or office is all part of the service!


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Warranty and support from TCS

One way or another your PC may experience trouble sooner or later.   If you buy direct from the manufacturer you will get their basic warranty guarantee, but if it goes wrong, you will usually have to return it to them, and re-install data and software yourself when it is fixed.  You could find that on-line technical support is limited and/or very costly, to say nothing of the assumption that you understand the technical jargon!

Buying from TCS, your local IT supplier, gives you the same manufacturer’s warranty as before, but if it goes wrong, you contact TCS who then arrange a visit or collection to solve the problem, with jargon-free technical support and troubleshooting being offered as part of the service.

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